Senior Spotlight: Kailey Felch

2020 Senior Spotlight: Kailey Felch
Posted on 05/01/2020
2020 Senior Spotlight: Kailey FelchIn honor of the Farmington High School 2020 graduating class, over the next several weeks we will be highlighting a few of our outstanding seniors. These students have been nominated by Farmington Area Public Schools staff members for exhibiting hard work and pursuing their spark with passion during their time at FHS. Today’s Senior Spotlight is: Kailey Felch!

Kailey was nominated for her strong work ethic, excellent leadership skills, and exceptional kindness. Mr. Zuzek, Kailey’s tennis coach and teacher said, “Kailey is outstanding for a number of reasons… She always looks for opportunities to better herself and I am confident that wherever she goes to college, she will do very well.”

During her time at FHS, Kailey has been the captain of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team for two years. “Tennis had a huge impact on me, I met some of my best friends playing the sport and our team was so supportive of one another,” she said.  

She has also served as the captain of the FHS Speech Team for two years, as an executive board member of the Student Council, and as an executive board member of Business Professionals of America. “Both clubs improved my leadership and helped me push myself outside of my comfort zone,” she said.  

Additionally, Kailey has been involved in Link Crew, National Honors Society, and the FHS Leadership Club. She served as an ISD 192 Student School Board Member, ran distance track for two years, and participated in the high school musical. 

When asked about challenging high school experiences, Kailey shared, “Obviously the quarantine has been a bit of a challenge for me senior year. I get to see everyone over Zoom etc. but I still miss seeing my friends. It’s hard to know that we can’t go to prom, but it’s definitely a time to reflect and be with my family. I’m grateful for the medical staff that’s helping us all during this time, and I have pride in the way our community came together. Seniors supporting each other and our school honoring us with the stadium lights etc., it’s really special.”

Outside of school, Kailey has worked as a Pool Attendant at the Apple Valley Aquatics Center during the summer, a Volleyball Attendant at the Apple Valley Community Center during the winter, and a part time facilities operations team member at Lifetime Fitness. She is also a barista at Caribou Coffee. That might seem like a lot of jobs but according to Kailey they’re mostly fun, especially working at Caribou. 

All About Kailey
Favorite Classes & Teachers
“I’ve had so many teachers that have influenced who I am as a person! Some of the most notable are Mrs. Meyer, Mr. Graff, and Mrs. Beckman. I had Mrs. Meyer as a Freshman for Algebra 2, and I had her again as a Junior for UMN Calculus. She’s seen me grow as a learner and I’m so grateful to always have her support. I’ve always loved history, so my history teachers have a special place in my heart. I was undecided about whether or not to take AP U.S. history, and Mr. Graff, who was also my ramp teacher, encouraged me. I loved the class, and although history is not my best subject, I definitely find it interesting and enjoyed the classes! Both of those teachers pushed me throughout high school and ultimately made me a better student. My hands down favorite subject or class I’ve taken is UMN Lit and Comp. Mrs. Nygren is a phenomenal teacher and I love the philosophical discussions we have in her class.”

Favorite High School Memory 
“My favorite memory was Senior Sunrise. Watching the sun rise with my friends and eating donuts together was so special. It was a simple moment but it symbolized how far we all had come as people to be able to sit together and enjoy a special moment. Senior homecoming was a blur, but that too was a super fun week. Being a part of the Student Council meant being able to plan and be behind the scenes of one of the most fun times in high school.”

Future Plans
“After graduation, I’m committed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I intend to major in Environmental Studies with a possible pre-law track toward Environmental Law. The end goal will be working with policy-makers for climate change advocacy! I’ve always loved being outside, visiting National Parks, and just being in nature. This issue is so prevalent today that I knew it was something I wanted to move forward with. After looking at many different programs, I knew Madison was the place to be!”

Advice for Future Seniors
“Take advantage of every opportunity. Even as a Senior, get involved, hang out with your friends, don’t stress about your classes. Also, be sure to apply for scholarships because they’re everywhere! Especially in the fall, because they all get snatched up fast. Enjoy the memories, it’s one of the best years in your life!”

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