2020 Senior Spotlight: Jack Baumach

2020 Senior Spotlight: Jack Baumach
Posted on 04/10/2020
2020 Senior Spotlight: Jack Baumach

Senior Spotlight: Jack Baumbach

     In honor of the Farmington High School 2020 graduating class, over the next several weeks we will be highlighting a few of our outstanding seniors. These students have been nominated by Farmington Area Public Schools staff members for exhibiting hard work and pursuing their spark with passion during their time at FHS. Today’s Senior Spotlight is: Jack Baumbach!

     Jack was nominated by teachers Heidi Yager and Juli Herr for his kindness, inclusiveness, and leadership skills. As a football captain and a Link Crew leader, Jack has used his leadership positions to include and befriend a diverse group of students. Along with his teammates, Jack has found ways big and small to involve those who generally find themselves on the sidelines of high school life - inviting them to carry the flag at a football game, inviting them to join their lunch tables, and learning all of their names to greet them in the hallways. According to his teachers, Jack is leading the way for his peers to show acceptance toward all students and the legacy he has begun will live on past his time at the high school. 

     While at FHS, Jack has been involved in Football, Baseball, Choir, and Link Crew. He was selected for the Minnesota All-State Mixed Chorus and the Minnesota All-State Tenor/Bass Chorus both junior and senior year. He said of the experience: “I met so many kids from many different walks of life which was very eye opening for me.”

     Jack shared, “During football season I was crowned Homecoming King which was such a cool experience for me because I was in a position that I had been dreaming of for my entire life. As I reflected on my accomplishments, I realized how special it was to be able to represent such a great city with such a strong community like Farmington. This community really helped me grow into the young man I am today and I will forever be proud to be a Farmington Tiger.”

     When asked about his greatest high school accomplishments Jack said, “Throughout high school I’ve learned that strong relationships with my peers and teachers is so much more fulfilling than anything I could ever accomplish. ...I am extremely thankful for all the relationships I have formed throughout high school because they have taught me so much about embracing everyone’s differences and loving people for who they are.”

     Outside of school, Jack volunteers at Tiger Academy at Farmington Elementary School and also works at Kid Connection there. He has also volunteered at Farmington Lutheran Church helping with Vacation Bible School and Sunday school. “I really enjoy being able to interact with kids everyday because it’s never a dull moment,” Jack said. 

Here’s a little more about Jack and his time at FHS: 

All About Jack


Favorite Classes & Teachers

“Other than choir and weight training, my favorite high school subject has to be Economics because I was able to learn the basics about the economy and I got to hang out with Mr. Holmes everyday. It was honestly the best of both worlds. It was also really interesting to watch how the economy was affected by the COVID-19 outbreak because I was able to look at the economy from a much more educated perspective.”

Favorite High School Memory 

“My favorite high school memory was Homecoming week because of the school spirit and community pride that everyone had. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a member of the Homecoming court and it was such a fun experience to be able to hang out with such great friends and participate in countless fun activities all week long.”

Future Plans

“After high school I will be attending Bethel University (MN) and be playing football as well as singing in choir. I haven’t made a final decision on my planned major but I am leaning towards something in the Education field. I have chosen to attend Bethel University because it is a faith based community in which I will be able to continue to participate in activities that I’m passionate about while earning a great education and connecting with many people that share the same values as me.”

Advice for Future Seniors

“My advice for future seniors is to be great leaders for the younger kids in the community. Even when it may not feel like it, there will always be a younger kid looking up to you and following your actions. Make sure you’re doing the right thing even in tough situations. Also, make sure to be kind and respect others even if you may not agree with them. It is very important that you put yourself in other people’s shoes to understand what they may be going through. Lastly, enjoy EVERY second of your senior year because it will be over before you know it.”

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