What is agency?

Learner agency is the “methodological development of both the capacity and the freedom of learners to exercise choice regarding what is to be learned and to co-create how that learning is to take place”.

We honor staff agency by building the capacity and propensity for them to create meaningful impact.

Agency (both learner and staff) is comprised of four distinct components: 

  • Setting Goals (forethought, intentionality)
  • Initiating Action (choice, autonomy)
  • Reflecting and Redirecting (self-reflective, self-discipline)
  • Internalizing Self-Efficacy (growth mindset)

Set Advantageous goals; Initiate Actions Towards those Goals; Reflect and Revise; Internalize Self-Efficacy

Setting Goals 

Educators can design pathways of learning that promote learner's awareness of their current strengths and provide weaknesses relative to a developing sense of where they want to go.  Goals should be advantageous to the learner.

Initiating Action

Learners are in charge of their own learning and “drive the bus”.  Educators provide choices and open-ended opportunities for students to help meet their goals.  Educators help students develop a sense of voice, ownership and self-determination

Reflecting and Redirecting

Learners will make mistakes.  They must not only plan but reflect and redirect which involves perseverance, grit and self-discipline.  Educators should provide opportunities for learners to externalize their thinking and offer and receive feedback with adults and peers.

Internalizing Self-Efficacy

Learners need to belief in their ability to succeed and their ability to persist when facing challenges.  Educators can provide multiple opportunities for students to develop and showcase mastery of their learning, sharing about peers and role models who overcome hurdles, instruction about and reinforcing growth mindsets, and explicitly attend to students’ physical and emotional states.

*Adapted from Education Re-imagined

Supporting Documentation:

District Scorecard 2021 Agency Grades 3-5
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